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Students who wish to work part-time during their studies must apply to the immigration authorities (this can be done through your institution). You will be allowed to do a maximum of 20 hours per week (this may be extended upon good academic reports) but this is limited to employment in restaurants, petrol kiosks, mini markets and hotels.


Despite the current worldwide economic situation, Malaysia continues to be a country with a high standard of living as well as a very affordable place to live and study.


Examples of prices


-Inexpensive restaurant, 2-course meal with soft drink: MYR7-10.

-Monthly public transport pass (Regular Price): MYR50-100

-Monthly gym subscription: MYR150

-Cinema ticket: MYR12


Opening a bank account is not compulsory but will be needed if you are to receive a stipend or to avoid paying unnecessary fees when paying for your day-to-day expenses. The international students office/service in your university may provide guidelines to open a bank account in Malaysia. You will most likely require:


-A confirmation letter from your university

-Your passport and Student Pass

-A cash deposit of around MYR250

-Proof of address


There are plenty of local banks as well as international banks with branches in Malaysia. They all have different fees and terms & conditions so be sure to read all the documentation carefully.

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