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Finding a place to live


Accommodation prices will vary and major cities tend to be more expensive but universities will normally offer on-campus accommodation for around MYR600-3000 per semester. Some universities will provide fully-catered accommodation which will include food for a cost between MYR10-20 per student per day. Most on-campus accommodation will be self-catered. If you are bringing your family with you, it is unlikely that you will be offered accommodation on-campus. There is a huge range of options off-campus which your university can help you with (See websites for privately-owned properties below). Hot water and laundry facilities are not always included so it is worth checking. Rent for privately-owned accommodation will exclude utilities. If you are renting a room in a shared flat, make sure you check what is included (for example, you may not have access to cooking facilities). As a general rule, it is best to boil tap water before consumption.local banks as well as international banks with branches in Malaysia. They all have different fees and terms & conditions so be sure to read all the documentation carefully.


-On-campus single bedroom: MYR100-500/month

-Off-campus bedroom in shared flat: MYR350-500/month

-Off-campus studio flat (also called condominium): MYR1000-1500/month

Can be serviced and sometimes includes luxury facilities such as a swimming-pool or a gym.

-Larger apartments off-campus which can be shared between several students are a good option: MYR1500-2500/month. Non-serviced appartments are a cheaper option.


Useful accommodation websites: (equivalent to GumTree in the UK)

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