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Estimated living costs for 16-17


Budgeting for living costs is an important part of planning for university life.


These costs are broken down by month. You can calculate your estimated budget based on how long you will be in the UK and based on your lifestyle.


*These costs do not include tuition fees.


Monthly Living-Costs: Lower range monthly Costs - Upper range


-Rent: £380 - £750


-Food: £140 - £250


-Gas/electricity: £50 - £80


-Internet: £20 - £60


-Mobile phone: £10 - £50


-Laundry/toiletries: £10 - £40


-Printing, stationery, photocopying, text books: £25 - £50


-Total per month: £600 - £1,200


*Most University accommodation includes gas and electricity costs.


Food shopping guide (426.45 KB PDF)


Initial one-off costs


When you first begin university life there will be some one-off costs to consider. It is important to plan for these in your budget where necessary.


-Deposit for accommodationUsually equivalent to one months’ rent. In University accommodation you don’t pay a deposit.


-FurnitureIf you rent an unfurnished flat you will need to provide your own furniture.


-Police Registration: £34 - If you are required to register with the police on arrival in the UK it will be clearly indicated in your passport.


-Internet and phone installation: £35 - £50 - It is a good idea to visit a price comparison website when considering cable, mobile phone or internet tariffs.


-TV Licence: £145.50 - If you watch TV in your accommodation this licence is required on an annual basis. This can be paid in instalments.


Additional costs to consider


Depending on your lifestyle and living arrangements there may be additional costs to consider. It is important to plan for these in your budget where necessary.


-TravellingTravel costs in the UK or overseas will vary. Try to plan for visits home by checking on rail/air fares and adding this to your budget.


-Bus fares: estimated £1.60 per journey, £4.00 per day, £45 for a 4-week travel card


-Internet/TV package: £35 - £85 per month


-Clothing: £40 - £100 per month


-Gym membership: £16 - £50 per month


Social costs


It is also important to include costs of your social life in your budget. Here are some guide prices.


-Student cinema ticket: £5 - £10


-Haircut: £7 - £50


-Restaurant meal: £7 - £25


-Beer (1 pint)£2.75 - £4.50


-Wine (1 small glass)£2.50 - £4.00


International student calculator

You can use this online tool to help you plan a budget before coming to the UK.


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